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Date:2011-09-23 23:49
Subject:HDM alignment

hey guys, I was bored recently, and I came up with an idea - why not an alignment table for the HDM chars? so here's my idea - feel free to add your own:

Lawful Good: Xaphania
Lawful Neutral: Thorold (lord Asriel's servant) - I can't think of any more important hero!
Lawful Evil: Metathron
Neutral Good: Will
True Neutral: Iorek
Neutral Evil: Tulio (fake owner of the Subtle Knife)
Chaotic Good: Lyra
Chaotic Neutral: lord Asriel
Chaotic Evil: Marisa Colter

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Date:2011-07-23 16:23
Subject:His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass, Philip Pullman

Total Icon Count: 25

Icons Here! )

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Date:2011-03-07 14:22
Subject:World Book Night Giveaway

In honour of the first World Book Night,  BridgeToTheStars.net are having a DOUBLE GIVEAWAY.

For His Dark Materials fans
In the spirit of World Book Night, we’re requesting that you take this opportunity to read a book you might not otherwise read. So for sraffies, we’re giving away a World Book Night copy of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, by Mark Haddon.

For others
If you’ve not read His Dark Materials, we’d love to introduce you to it! We have a World Book Night copy of Northern Lights to give away.

World Book Night is to promote reading and to spread some literary love. If you win one of these books, please read it and then pass it on to somebody else so they too can be introduced to these two great works of fiction. Every World Book Night book has a unique ID number, so that it can be tracked via BookCrossing, so we hope to follow the books as they are passed from reader to reader.

This giveaway is open to everyone. To enter, simply send an e-mail to contest@bridgetothestars.net with the subject line “World Book Night Giveaway” and your name and the title of the book that you’d like in the e-mail. Good luck!

(Please note: one entry per person, the deadline for entries is 11:59pm GMT on the 12th of March)

Start these books on their journey!

For more news and competitions, join us at btts_net.

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Date:2011-02-20 02:07
Subject:BTTS Relaunch and The Book of Dust News

Just a reminder: BridgeToTheStars.Net has been relaunched! We have a new, shiny site; a new shiny Twitter account and Facebook page and most importantly - a new, shiny Livejournal community. So come join us at btts_net where you'll hear exclusive news, our competitions and all that lark.

Philip Pullman has exclusively revealed to BridgeToTheStars.Net that the long-awaited Book of Dust may be written in two parts. He told BTTS that “I’m now thinking in terms of two volumes, one to go before HDM, as it were a prequel, and the other to follow it.”

Pullman has been working on The Book of Dust since 2004 and has described it as a “big, big book.” He mentioned his continuing work on it in a speech he gave recently defending Oxfordshire’s Libraries. “I was trying to find out where all the rivers and streams ran in Oxford, for a book I’m writing called The Book of Dust. [...] I managed to find some old maps that showed me exactly what I wanted to know.”

Sraffies have been waiting with bated breath for news of The Book of Dust and what it might contain. This snippet of information might just be enough to tide us over for another year or so.

You can discuss The Book of Dust and what you hope to see in it here at our forum.

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Date:2011-02-01 21:40
Subject:Pullman on the value of Public Libraries

 This speech has been causing quite the stir among librarians....


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Date:2011-02-02 00:00

Hello, members of hdmaterials!

We're relaunching the BridgetotheStars.net website. As part of this revamp, we're starting up a new LJ comm for fans of Pullman's work. The new comm is btts_net and is maintained by dolorosa_12 and myself. It would be great to see you there.

For those of you on Twitter or Facebook we also have communities there. You can find us at Twittàgazze on Twitter, and BridgetotheStars on Facebook. It would be great to see you there, and also back at the revamped BridgetotheStars.net.

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Date:2009-08-09 23:40

+ silly Beauty & the Beast
+ Interview with the Vampire
+ The Golden Compass
+ Brotherhood of the Wolf
+ Marie Antoinette
+ Star Trek XI

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

HERE @ polar_sea

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Date:2009-04-21 20:51
Mood: curious

I few months ago I saw an amazing program about parallel universes on the History Channel which would probably be especially interesting to HDM fans. Some one put it on YouTube, so for however long it lasts we might as well make use of it.

To summarize quickly, they are four types of parallel universes scientists believe may exist;

Type 1 Parallel Universes:

If our universe of space and time is infinite, then mathematically in the infinite reaches of space there must exist an infinite number of near exact replicas of Earth with very slight differences. The immense distances between these replica earths prevent them from interacting.

Type 2 Parallel Universes:

These also exist in our space and time, and are giant "bubbles" floating in a sea amongst countless other universes in hyperspace. Each Type 2 universe can contain in infinite number of Type 1 universes. These are constantly branching out into new universes and also vanishing randomly

Type 3 Parallel Universes:

Type 3 universes occupy the exact same space in time, overlapping each other, but invisible and unreachable to each other due to them existing in different dimensions. Every possible outcome of everything from subatomic molecule collisions to wars being won and lost by different factions, or different forms of technology emerging. There are in infinite number of Type 3 universes in every Type 1 and Type 2 universe. Essentially anything a human being can imagine is a valid possibility within the infinite range of Type 3 parallel universes.

The universes of His Dark Materials may most closely resemble Type 3 parallel universes.

Type 4 Parallel Universes:

Universes where the most fundamental laws of physics and nature are radically different. The very ideas of matter, time, and energy in our universe may not apply, (gravity for example, may not exist) and life emerging from these universes may bear no similarity whatsoever to our universe. The Chariot may be a Type 4 parallel universe.

Parallel Universes - Part 1

Parallel Universes - Part 2

Parallel Universes - Part 3

Parallel Universes - Part 4

Parallel Universes  - Part 5

it seems to me that the universes Will travels between with the Subtle Knife are Type 3 because the worlds are essentially overlapping and don't seem to involve traveling over distances to get between, and it is understood that there is no distance between the worlds HDM deals with, so odds are these are Type 3 worlds.

Perhaps Lyra's universe is a Type 3 universe in which some very minor quirk in the laws of physics and nature causes the component of human brain activity that constitutes the daemon to be translated outside the body and take a physical form emulating an animal. I could imagine this working sort of like the demonstration in the show of a man shining a laser through glass apple and the light is translated into two places at once, only instead of a refraction of light, a physical daemon would be sort of a refraction of the human's emotions and thought processes.

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Date:2009-04-11 15:41
Subject:Some HDM related stuff i've been up to
Mood: hungry

I've been doing a thing on my site recently where I read one chapter of The Golden Compass at a time and writing my opinions, theories, criticisms and comments as I go along.

I've been adding a chapter a week on most Saturdays since I started this in January, and my eventual goal is to cover every chapter in the trilogy.

I just added Chapter 9, which means I've finally completed the Part 1 section.

Here's a link if anyone's interested.

The Golden Compass Page by Page

I also wrote an editorial about intercision that's currently featured on Hisdarkmaterials.org.

The editorial is also on my own site HERE.

Last but not least, I did an updated version of that Intercision sign I posted a while back. It turns out that the old one was too liberal and allowed too many opportunities for unsevered subhuman heathens to corrupt the peaceful lifestyle of the upright, Authority fearing British citizens.

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Date:2009-04-04 03:59

[ xx ] Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
[ xx ] The Golden Compass
[ xx ] The Fifth Element
[ xx ] Blue Submarine No. 6
[ xx ] Sar Trek TOS
[ xx ] Star Wars
[ xx ] The City of Ember

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

HERE @ polar_sea

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Date:2009-03-20 12:16
Subject:His Dark Materials is actually...pretty dark.

I'm in the middle of the last book of the His Dark Materials series, The Amber Spyglass. I thought I would post my review of sorts, in which I give my opinion on why I don't really consider the series to be too "young adult" friendly, what my daemon would be, how daemons work, and just generally discussing the books. There are a few spoilers, so you've been warned :)

My review can be found here at rebeccasilver 

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Date:2009-03-12 19:01
Subject:Golden Compass Icons

So I did a batch of 33 icons and I included a couple of Mrs. Coulter, shown here:


The rest are here at [info]rebeccasilver



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Date:2009-03-09 20:34
Subject:STARFUCKERS _ brought to you by MINING FOR LIFE

Brought to you by CEDOCORE and MINING FOR LIFE...Collapse )

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Date:2008-12-25 12:32
Subject:Noble Collection Replica Alethiometer (pics and video review
Mood: chipper

Yeah, I got the Noble Collection replica alethiometer, and since I hadn't seen any in depth customer reviews or pictures online, I figured I'd make my own and have some pics and vids to share with yall.

The "instruction" sheet...

In it's box...

More hot alethiometer action inside the cutCollapse )

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Date:2008-12-22 16:23
Subject:Warner brothers

This says that warner brothers has the subtle knife in production. I hope they don't animate if its true.


But then again if they don't, the company is pretty good at making 'dark' movies. So maybe there would be some hope for it.

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Date:2008-12-22 10:18
Subject:His Dark Materials Rejected Merchandise
Mood: amused

You thought the Iorek Byrnison Slashing Paws from The Golden Compass flick were ridiculous?

Trust me, It could have been much worse.


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Date:2008-12-21 17:13
Subject:TGC Music Video

I made a "Golden Compass" Music Video :)

Name/Song: "Teardrops on my Guitar" - Taylor Swift
Plot: Mrs. Coulter/Lord Asriel/Serafina

( download link )

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Date:2008-12-21 15:52

I just observed that they actually updated (recently - dec 4th) some info on "The Subtle Knife" IMDB page... they have someone listed as the writer of the screenplay for it (and it's not Weitz) Maybe there actually writing out the screenplay?


Just thought I'd share if anyone wanted to check it out :)

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Date:2008-12-13 21:24
Subject:His Dark Materials audiobooks assaulted in iTunes reviews

If you're an iTunes user and enjoyed the His Dark Materials audiobooks, perhaps consider leaving a user review for them on the iTunes Store.

A number of people who have never even read His Dark Materials appear to have organized a concerted effort to sabotage the His Dark Materials audiobooks by flooding their iTunes pages with bad reviews claiming that the books promote underage sex and "demon" worship, neither of which appear anywhere in the series.

Claims in these reviews that "these books are all about killing God", while arguably not untrue in themselves, don't demonstrate a knowledgeable understanding by the "reviewer" of the material they are criticizing.

Other reviews attacking Pullman for "hating C.S. Lewis and The Chronicles of Narnia" characterize the reviewers not as people who have a reasonable objection to His Dark Materials based on their personal beliefs, but rather religious zealots intent on silencing critics. They seem to want to defend The Chronicles of Narnia as though it were the foundation of their religious conviction.

People who spread misinformation in an attempt to scare people out of reading books represent the very aspects of religious organizations which are criticized in His Dark Materials.

While they are many thoughtful, positive reviews as well, the sheer volume of "THESE BOOKS ARE FROM SATAN DONT READ THEM - ONE STAR" types of reviews appear to have made their mark on the overall ratings.

People who have read the books and decided independently that they deserve a poor review have every right to express their opinions, but the concerted effort to sabotage His Dark Materials by people who have never read the books themselves is truly pathetic.

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Date:2008-12-11 07:07

Those things are creepy. They didn't scare me that much through most of the book, until one of them came into the tent with John and Lee. Lee was dreaming about it (or seeing as Hester put it), while John started controlling it in the waking world to destroy the Zepplins.

Do you think it was originally after Lee and Hester. Cause in the previous dream he 'wakes up.' seeing that she is still sleeping, while he is awake bothers him. He moves closer to her, afraid for her. Seeing that she is still sleeping while he thinks he is awake. When actually he moved closer to her in his sleep. It kind of struck me that they being used as bait to lure it in.

Then in the next he's inside the Zepplin, watching the thing kill the pilots Daemon. While leaving the pilot looking like a living vegetable.

The dreams combined with the Specter showing up scared me.

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